The Regular: Finale

The Regular  Have you been wondering where our Regular Joe has been?

We ran into each other early enough to actually be able to sit and chat– and draw! I found out many things about Joe and, honestly, I don’t think my little stories about him really did any justice. There’s a lot to be said for fantastical imaginings, though sometimes it’s even nicer to find that real life is just as wonderful, if a little different.
In Joe’s own words, he is just a guy who is sitting in a Starbucks on a beautiful Monday morning, getting ready to head to work. He’s a humble person and, with an almost embarrassed smile, insisted that he preferred my made up stories about him than anything he could tell me (he reads my blog, isn’t that cool!).

I’d have to disagree with him though. I never could have come up with the honest conversation we had about how proud he is of his daughter (who just won her first trial as an attorney), or that he is trying to talk her into self-defense classes because he worries about her. My stories aren’t so lovely as taking the family out to experience Restaurant Week for his god-daughter’s 18th birthday. These stories paint a picture of a strong family man who believes he lives a modest life, when I’m sure his daughters believe he lives a fantastical life. He seems like the kind of guy who is a hero to his children.

Joe, it was a pleasure getting to know you!


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