Old Habits

ex-smoker  This man, we’ll call him Kev, hasn’t touched a cigarette in just over 7 days. Still, he gets the urge to bring his hand to his mouth and he feels the cravings to take a puff. The last week has been terrible– full of sleepless nights and nausea during the days. Functioning at work is almost impossible at this point and he’s starting to feel like life would be so much easier, so much better, if he just gave in and gave up this foolish notion of quitting. It didn’t have to be as bad as before, right? He could cut down to just one every other day, or even every three days. That had to be better than the 4 or 5 a day he’d been averaging before deciding to go cold turkey, right?

Or he could try those electric cigarettes with the nicotine in them. At least then he wouldn’t be inhaling the bad chemicals, right?

There has to be an easier, better, way to do this– right?


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