Waiting for Nothing

20160622_103837It just seemed like he was waiting for something to happen. The old gentleman plopped some magazines down on the table in front of him, settled into the plump leather chair, crossed one leg over the other, and then proceeded to stare out at nothing in particular. This staring continued for a good 5 minutes. The café was quiet and there wasn’t anything interesting happening. He wasn’t glancing at the door at all, so he must not have been waiting for someone. After another moment of staring, he placed a napkin up to his mouth and discreetly hiccuped precisely 4 times. Then he drew out a pen (just a regular old ball-point) and started casually examining it. Clicked it open and shut a few times, then resumed his staring into nothing. Finally, after about 20 minutes of this, he picked up one of the nearly forgotten magazines in front of him and flipped through it as though he has come to the café for this explicit purpose all along.

It was an art magazine and the drawings were wonderful. Not much text to read though.