The Regular: Part 3

The_Regular_3And so the mystery of Joe, The Regular, continues!

I managed to capture this quick blind contour of him last week during breakfast. Not my best work but he’s so elusive! I couldn’t miss the opportunity.

I like to think that Joe has a family. Perhaps a loving wife and two daughters, one who is successful in her field and about to get married, the other still figuring out what her path should be from a collegiate perspective. I’ll bet daughter number one get’s her rationality and fiscal responsibility from her father while daughter number two is more creative, like her mother. I can only assume daughter number two and her mother are both quilting enthusiasts with a preference for Mediterranean inspired colors and patterns. At home, Joe’s house is filled with the work of his wife and daughter. Perhaps, daughter number two will someday decide that biomedical engineering is not her true calling, but opening her own quilting business is?


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