A Napkin for Everything

Napkin_For_Everything Jonathan sat down and arranged everything, his tea cup, his phone, a spoon, honey packet and wad of brown napkins in perfect order before beginning the process of preparing his tea. The process was important. He disliked nothing more than having a messy space and preparing tea could very well become a messy procedure if not done carefully.

First, open the honey packet and squeeze as much honey as possible into the tea cup whilst the tea is steeping. Once this is done, drop the honey packet into the cup and stir thoroughly until the tea is the proper color and all the honey remaining in the packet has dissolved into the tea.

Next, fish out the used honey packet and wrap in a napkin. Stand up and dispose of in the nearest trash bin.

Once returned to the table, lift the tea bag out of the water and wrap it in two napkins (one for the tea bag, one for when the first one is soaked through). Again, stand up and dispose of in the nearest trash bin.

Now, place one napkin from the pile next to the cup and carefully place the spoon on it so no stray drops of honey-infused tea finds their way onto the table top.

Gingerly pick up the tea cup and enjoy!


One thought on “A Napkin for Everything

  1. Is it sad that this sounds like me? Lol except that I would have one caffeinated tea, one caffeine-free, one nalgene full of water, a giant backpack, and probably some food that I smuggled in. Oh, and it would be sweetener instead of honey 🙂

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