Unassuming Claude

Santa_Claus  Claude is a financial adviser for a small business downtown. As far as his co-workers are aware, he is a rather reserved individual who has declared he is “too old” for happy hour. They know he enjoys gardening in the warmer seasons because he will sometimes make reference to it when small talk happens and they know he prefers to take his lunch hour outside of the office. He drinks coffee, they know this, though he prefers to get it himself rather than trust his order to whatever intern is working for them at the time. Over all, Claude appears to be a man who is good at his job, has been with the company longer than most of the employees there, and doesn’t have much more to him than that.

Occasionally, Claude likes to entertain the idea of what his co-workers would say if they found out he was a volunteer Santa Claus every year for the Boys and Girls Club? He would never tell them, of course. That would ruin the magic.


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