The Regular: Part 2

The_Regular_2  You might remember I introduced Joe, The Regular, in a post about a week ago. As it turns out, Joe and I have a tendency to barely miss each other when we come into our Starbucks during the morning and/or afternoon. He’s always just leaving as I’m coming in.

I’ve been trying to draw Joe for a while now. He’s got great expressive face and it would be cool to draw one of the other regulars at Starbucks. Problem is, I can’t seem to sit down at a time when he’s not just getting up!

As a result, I have half drawings of him and I’ve never been able to have a real conversation with the guy. Kinda makes me wonder about him…

Has he been to Europe? Or Asia? He seems like the kind of person who works very hard and is introverted to those who don’t know him well, though I’ll be he’s had quite the exciting life thus far!

I’ll bet he’s been para-sailing in the Caribbean and has toured the Great Wall of China in the past 10 years.


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