Life and Knitting


Nationally Acclaimed Knitter

Not everything in life is as simple to understand as a knitting plan. Granted, knitting patterns can be quite complicated to follow in their own right, and yet they still offer a solid direction and end goal. Missed a step? Just undo your last few rows and start again. Run out of yarn? Go adventuring for more. Does the plan involve a new technique you’ve never used before? Learn something new.

In many ways, knitting is very similar to how life works. And yet, when you come across a knotted bit of relationship, simply retracing your steps seems like the ever more difficult path to take. Ironing out wrinkles that begin to appear after you’ve been with someone for 18 years is more like a chore that has been procrastinated to the point of embarrassment, rather than the practical approach it should be.

When a beautiful ball of yarn has been left unused for so long, it becomes so knotted that you wonder if you should just throw it out and find new yarn. But, it’s so unique and has been there long enough that simply throwing it out seems like a crime.


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