Shelly Is Scared

Baby_Girl  Shelly’s eyes grew wide like saucers as she watched her mommy mover further and further away from her. It wasn’t long at all until she was completely out of arm’s reach and an unfamiliar, uncomfortable bubbling feeling began to grow in Shelly’s chest. As she tried to bring her mother back to her with just her stare, something warm and wet started to roll down her cheeks.

After what might have easily been years, Shelly’s mommy returned to her, some sort of whipped drink in hand. Shelly looked around in a daze, hardly believing that she was once again so close.

“Oh hunny! You don’t like it when Mommy leaves, huh?” Shelly’s mother said as she rapped her baby girl in her arms. Shelly could only shake her head in response, not able to put to words how much it meant to her that mommy was back. After all– 10 feet can be a long, long way away to a 3 year old.


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