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…air-conditioning ought to be considered a Human Right, if not a Constitutional Right—pretty sure I sweat less in a sauna, but I’d settle for a dehumidifier—if Administration thought they could do it on the cheap; the kind of cheap where you cram 2400 kids in a series of seven rotating classrooms over seven floors, and call them students, also known as efficiency, herding, and especially—

Hold that thought… Did Tobias just walk by and not say ‘Hi’? I mean, clearly this just happened but what am I supposed to do with that, I didn’t do anything—pretty sure, positive, yeah, no it’s him, not me, right, good, glad I settled that, except—What if I did do something and he didn’t…? Naw—besides if he’s not going to manage to at least nod in my direction then why is it FAIR that I acknowledge him? Except, fair is horrible and impractical concept, with no functional bearing on life or reality as I know it, mostly used for pacifying children into compliance—another problem I should add to humanity’s numerous lists and chief among the solvable problems I’m sure I can solve [along with global warming and world hunger and the gorramn AC] if I had more than 3 minutes to scuttle between classes.

Speaking of which, how much time do we lose to this crap anyway…?

Written by Bryce Rammler-Young, illustrated by Elizabeth DiFiore.


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