Generational News

Comp_vs_Paper  As much as I love making up stories about people, sometimes it’s not needed. Take this drawing for example– this scene happened over the span of about 20 minutes, early on a Tuesday morning. What that tells us is that these two gentlemen were probably just grabbing morning coffee and catching up on the daily news before heading to the office (or wherever it is they work). These men don’t know each other and probably have no reason to ever be introduced.

What made this scene interesting enough that I wanted to capture it in a blind contour was the generational juxtaposition. These men didn’t seem to be more than maybe 10 years apart in age, yet notice the one thing that separates them?

One is getting his news from the paper and the other is reading from an ipad.

It makes my morning to witness something like this. In fact, it’s almost like magic to me! The scene is so simple and yet it is the kind of scene people the world over have been discussing at length for over a decade now. The separation between those who still feel more comfortable with traditional routine, and those who feel more comfortable with contemporary routine.

Now, wouldn’t it be something if they were reading the same story, from the same news source, only on different media platforms? Sometimes I think the lines between the generations aren’t as blurred as people say.

What are some of your thoughts? I’d love to hear them 🙂


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