As Defined By You

Let’s try something different. Here are some people I’ve captured from my Starbucks, but they don’t have stories attached! Come up with a short story about one, some or all of them and post it in the comments section. Let’s see what you guys come up with!


An empty bottle of tea AND an empty cup of coffee? Hardcore.


I have to wonder… is the woman thinking about the same thing her reflection is thinking?



Seen studying some very old poetry



Even the Postal Service needs to refuel sometimes.


2 thoughts on “As Defined By You

  1. The lady looking at her reflection in the window is waiting for someone who’s never going to come. She was supposed to have a date, but as usual he never showed. She’s trying to figure out how long is too long to wait for him, so far it’s been twenty minutes. Twenty minutes passed and no one has remotely looked like the guy she found online. As she stares looking, she begins to see her reflection, tired, sunken in eyes, the roots of her hairline beginning to show, she thought to herself “I guess this is why he didn’t come.” Finally she stands up to leave, and right as she turns around a man puts a hand to the small of her back, “Excuse me are you Samantha?” he asked her. “Why yes I am, are you Joseph?” “I am indeed, sorry about being late, traffic you know?” Samantha nodded and sat back down, stopped looking at her reflection in the window. She lost herself in his glossy blue eyes, as they got up to leave she glanced at herself once more in the reflection of the mirror, and for the first time in a long time she saw herself smile, and instead of sadness in her eyes she saw joy.

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