Math Problems


The Math Tutor

Matt (we’ll call him Matt) is a physics student trying to work his way through a bachelor’s degree and student loans. On top of the heavy workload and two jobs (one on campus and one off) he offers his services as a math tutor (it’ll look good on his resume later) for the Math 101 kids who can’t seem to remember how to do anything in regards to numbers since high school. Honestly, sometimes he could swear that everyone just drowned their brains in Keystone once they graduated high school. Sometimes tutoring is an okay job– most of the time it’s just thankless.

There’s this girl though.

She’s a freshman majoring in political science and she’s– well, she’s beautiful. Long, straight brown hair, pretty eyes behind fashionable glasses and slender hands with manicured nails. Plus, she’s nice. Nice girls that look like her are hard to find and she’s kind of become a highlight in Matt’s stressful life. Too bad she doesn’t know how much he likes her. Too bad she never will.

Girls like her don’t go for guys like him. She’s already got someone anyway. They aren’t “officially” together but close enough. They’ll probably end up together and Matt will stay the quiet math guy who helped her pass a class that one time.

It’s a shame, really. Matt is a nice guy, if a bit scruffy looking.

Still, as he sits across the table from her, trying to explain how basic geometric proofs work, he can’t help but to imagine what it might be like to kiss her.

Still, as she sits across the table from him, trying to understand how basic geometric proofs work, she can’t help but to stare blankly at him and wonder if she’ll ever pass this class with a high enough grade to prevent her GPA from dropping.


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