karate1Taking time after my normal karate class to sit in on the black belt class afterwards is like getting an art bonus every week. Not only do I get to challenge myself by drawing figures in motion but I learn more about how the body naturally reacts to all sorts of things. It’s wonderful practice!

That aside, another great plus to this is that I get to see how all different body types look juxtaposed with others of a completely different type. There is a man in my class who is the real-life version of the gentle giant. Granted, he’s built like a tree trunk and could mess you up three ways to Sunday, but he won’t because he’s an all around sweet guy. In fact, I think he even has an office job instead of using his powers for evil. Overall, I think he trains in martial arts for the wholeness of it, rather than for a need of self defense or the competition.

Anywho, he is sometimes paired up with this girl who is not only barely in high school, but she’s also a high-ranking tiny whirlwind of pain, standing just above 4’5″ and ready to take on the world! In short (haha, get it?) she’s adorable and would be great in a sparring competition (if our dojo forms a team soon).


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