Back to Basics

FigureDrawing1 This year has been, in a lot of ways, a return to the basics. The basics of drawing, project management, and being an adult. If there is one thing being an artist has taught me, it is that you will never develop any skill so far that a return to the fundamentals isn’t beneficial. I’ve found this is true both for my artistic abilities and my personal / professional responsibilities.

This week has been one of reflection. I’ve started a new project (which I’ll talk more about at a later date) that is especially challenging because it requires me to flex specific art muscles I haven’t had to stretch in almost a decade (like drawing copious amounts of animals). I’ve also had to take some long, hard looks at the way I’m handling certain aspects of my personal life, like my financials. I thought I had a pretty good handle on these things because I’d done them successfully in the past, but things change. Your life’s financial demands evolve as you get older, forcing you to adjust your strategy, and your mastery of art things fade in time if you don’t frequent them.

So I’m revisiting the basics;  in art and in life. What sort of things do you need to revisit?


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