Words from the author of ESOTERIC

ESOTERIC_1  I am an unpublished, aspiring author. I have a tendency towards the melodramatic, because that’s more fulfilling. It’s not quite as satisfying as a good character study, but on an average day, I’ll settle.

Verbally, I hail from the worlds founded by short story science fiction, dappling in Robert Heinlein and HG Wells. Visually, my background comes from reading comics. Lots of comics. Despite occasional flair, comics have 70+ years of established linear standards and queues imprinted on their visuals. My preoccupation with these caused some… complications with my partner, Lizzie, and her versatile grab-bag of visual tricks.
On a personal note: I’m half-Chinese, half-German, unable to identify completely as either. It causes a bit of a repeating subdued existential crisis. I fully accept that I’m both because neither particularly matter in my personal life. Except, I do identify as white, while my twin brother identifies as Chinese. Never mind that though.

Stories serve as the Herald to the Lady of the NeverWas and Lord of the NeverWere, worlds build on fading twilight against a backdrop of forgotten memories.

ESOTERIC represents the culmination of late night musings and castles built on the promises of “later”. Unfortunately, “later” proved an unreliable foundation upon which to build a world. ESOTERIC is the manifest merging of dreams and aspirations, told in moments of internalized weakness supported by externalized strength. We are each more than we realize and less than we know.

For months, Lizzie and I tried to get the project going until, on a visit in late August 2015, I said “screw it”. From there, we met every Wednesday. Sometimes for a half hour, some times for much longer than an hour. Structure, oddly, begets creativity. Deadlines mitigate the damage of our Intent. Playing in the sandbox of the “what could be”, we began the arduous process of emigrating to the shores of “what will be”.

Here we are, trying desperately to tie down the future with our intent. Two disparately distinct yet inexorably intertwined ideals, the writer who thinks he understands the visuals and the artist who changes tracks at the last moment to the eternal arrogation of her story teller.

Both are held in high regard and both can collapse under the weight of expectations. I’m trying not to have any. That particular gift comes from being a lifelong Phillies fan. Go figures.

So, I’m Bryce Rammler-Young, you can find me on twitter @sypherhawq and on my blog, A Journal of Impossible Things.

Artist’s Comments: Check out our short story in six parts, ESOTERIC, on January 20th, 2016. Each part of the story will be posted here, once a week, on thedangerofgoingtostarbucks.com – I hope you’re as excited as we are!


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