Rise Above

raise awareness of sexual abuse  Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while, I know. Sorry about that! I’ve been busy with a very important project that I’d like to share with you now– hopefully some of you can help me with it as well!

I am currently involved in a not-for-profit that is very close to my heart. They are called the It Happened To Alexa Foundation and they’ve been helping victims of sexual assault through the litigation process for over a decade now. Going to court to convict a rapist is extremely expensive and emotionally draining for the victim and their families, especially when they have to cross boarders to attend trial… and they have to front those costs without any help from insurance companies or the courts. The Alexa Foundation helps relieve those financial burdens, allowing for more convictions and fewer rapists walking free. They are the only Foundation of their kind in the USA and it all started when my parent’s friends had to suffer through that same experience themselves, when their daughter was brutally raped in college. Thankfully, Alexa survived and her parents started the foundation to help any one else unfortunate enough to find themselves in that situation.

I am currently helping with a fundraiser happening in a few weeks. The Great Contraption Race event is a creative way to get our community involved in raising money for the Foundation, and awareness of sexual assault. The money will all go towards developing education outreach programs to teach kids about healthy relationships and personal safety, and it will help the Foundation continue to put rapists behind bars.

Please help me raise money for this foundation– You can donate, or find out more about the Foundation, here.

AND/OR, if you happen to find yourself in the Youngstown, NY area on August 2nd, come on out to the event and support everyone participating! Family friendly event with lots of food, music, auctions and prizes to win!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you can’t donate, please spread the word and help give me a signal boost.
Together, we CAN rise above the violence!

Kindest Regards,
Liz DiFiore


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