Dreamer  It was Friday, but it wasn’t just any Friday. It was the Friday before Memorial Day weekend.

Frank’s leg kept bouncing up and down in a manner he knew his wife hated but he didn’t care. He was too excited to care. It was the day before a long weekend – and not just any long weekend! It was the day before Memorial Day long weekend! Everything began tomorrow. Summer activities, boats put in the water and taken for their first spin around the lake, golf season, grilling season, cold beer in the lawn chair season, fly fishing that didn’t involve freezing your tush off– and Frank couldn’t wait.

Still, this spreadsheet needed to be completed before End of Day and there was plenty of preparation to be done before weekend activities could begin.

And he had to remember to pick up flowers. His wife would kill him if he forgot to pick up the flowers for their traditional trip to the veteran’s memorial park. Frank wasn’t a fan of that trip. It was always such a downer, but his wife insisted they go every year.

But once that was over the summer could officially start, Frank could put steaks on the grill, put his feet up with a cold beer in hand– and Frank couldn’t wait!


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