Under The Radar

Jennifer_CIA_Nigeria One month into the future…

It is a typical morning at Starbucks and the radio plays softly above the heads of the many busy people grabbing their coffee before rushing off to their offices.

However, just as the radio is about to shift into a Bob Marley song, a breaking news announcement plays, catching everyone’s attention. In a strong voice, the DJ reports– “This just in! Thanks to the efforts of the United States CIA, all of the women kidnapped in Nigeria have been returned, safe and sound, to their families!”

The coffee shop erupts with cheers and complete strangers hug each other in their joy and relief. Meanwhile, mild-mannered Starbucks barista Jennifer smiles secretly. She’s just as happy to hear the news, and enjoys a private thrill. No one in this coffee shop knows that, secretly, she was one of the CIA agents involved in this future. They’ll never know, but that’s alright with her.


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