Taking A Stand

woodworking teacher

Inspired by a true story.

John looked out the cafe window with none of the usual sparkle in his eyes. It had been a hard week for him and for the kids he taught at one of the local high schools. Between funding cuts, office politics between the Board of Education and a decline in incoming students, John had a very real fear that his woodworking shop program would be shut down as an offered program this year.

What really got his was the kids. These were inner city students who, most of them, didn’t have college to look forward to, let alone a stable future of any kind with the level of quality education they were receiving on the school’s threadbare budget.

His eyes took on an angry glint. It wasn’t fair! Just because the school couldn’t provide for these kids, did that mean he couldn’t? The things he taught them had value. A lot more value than any expensive college degree could get them. With the proper learned skills, every one of these kids could have a future in the woodworking industry and it wasn’t fair for a Board of Education to tell them they couldn’t have that!

With a sudden burst of enthusiasm, John picked up his phone and called an old friend of his in the industry.

“Yeah, Dave? Do you still have that old band saw lying around? Listen, I need to ask a favor…”


PSA: Find out how your local schools can become a part of the woodworking industry’s Woodwork Career Alliance program, how local woodworking shops can help out schools that lack the funding for their own machines, and help provide a solid future for future woodworkers!


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