Lenny  Every Thursday morning, instead of going to my Starbucks down the road, I attend a professional networking group for breakfast. It’s a lovely group of business owners from the local area and I’ve made many friends through it (and even some customers!).

Anywho, after we go around the room giving our elevator speech, we break for coffee and then one of us gives a 30 minute presentation on his or her business and what kinds of customers they are looking for. This is great because I get a chance to practice my drawing even while not at the coffee shop!

A couple months ago I started showing the presenters their drawings. I think they’re just pen sketches, though my group members get a real kick out of seeing themselves as drawings. Each week the Minutes go out and at the end of the email is a drawing of the presenter. One week, while I was presenting, someone even drew ME! It was awesome!

Thus, today’s blog post is of Lenny. He works on heating and cooling machines! He’s a very cool guy who always has something witty to say during our group meetings. He’s also very knowledgeable in his field and, when not at work, is in the Army Reserves!


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