In A Pickle

Pickle  Dill was in a terrible mood on this Spring day. It was a little because he couldn’t fix his car door with the duct tape he’d borrowed, the interior of which had been falling apart for some time now, and it was only a bit because he couldn’t sip wistfully at the cold frappuccino in front of him– both the beverage and duct tape having been cruelly placed in front of him by the manager of the cafe he was seated in. The manager knew Dill didn’t have arms and thus could not pick up or handle either item. It was a blatant case of prejudice and the cafe’s owner had made his distaste of pickles obvious by pointing out the “No Service To Pickles” sign when he’d confronted Dill at his table.

This made Dill incredibly depressed for two reasons. First being that he was thirsty, had work to do and couldn’t satisfy either of these needs due to his tragic lack of arms. Second being that he was actually a zucchini.


Story and picture requested by a friend.


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