She’s A Trip

Best of luck, Hun

Best of luck, Hun

Susan is going overseas to study Arabic in just over a month. She’s been excited for the six months of planning this trip has required, though today her nerves are on edge. You see, her mother doesn’t want her to go and has been vocal about her reservations since Susan first suggested the idea.

“It’s so dangerous over there right now!”

It’ll always be dangerous.

“Can’t you go somewhere in Europe instead?”

It’s a completely different experience.

“What kind of change do you really think one little white American girl will make?”

That’s not the point.

Something will happen to you while you’re there, I just know it! You’ll be picked out from the crowd right away!”

Mom, nothing’s going to happen.

But she can’t say that for sure. Everything is a risk and Susan knows that. Still, she will make the trip– she only wished her mother supported her decision more…


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