The Undercover Corporate Designer

Hide Your Fonts

Hide Your Fonts

This was a rare treat! Catching a man as meticulous and careful as the undercover designer whilst on a mission! As a man of his professional skill, he must have noticed me observing him but he was very good at hiding it– never once did he look up from his work! I’m sure he was investigation one of the corporations in this area, maybe Geico or someone national like that.

What, you’ve never heard of an undercover designer?

He has a very important job. You see, this man must infiltrate companies and correct any grievous errors they have made in regards to the misuse of typefaces when representing the corporation. It can be very dangerous! If he’s caught before completing his job properly then the whole company might never realize that using Comic Sans MS on inter-office memos is not okay!

I have much respect for this man– he does what needs to be done when no one else will.


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